Pa criminal background check application

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Criminal Background Checks

In order to set a standard for hiring policies, the federal government created the Fair Credit Reporting Act, or FCRA, which monitors and protects both employers and job candidates. Our take: Employers may only consider felony and misdemeanor convictions when using an applicant's criminal history to inform an employment decision. Under 18 Pa.

Our take: Philadelphia Employers may not inquire into credit history when making an employment decision, unless the position falls under an exception listed under Philadelphia's Fair Practices Ordinace. Who must follow: This ban-the-box law applies only to public sector employers for the State of Pennsylvania that are hiring for non-civil service positions falling under the governor's jurisdiction.

Request a Criminal History Record

Timing of inquiry: Public sector empoyers for the state of Pennsylvania may not inquire into criminal history on the job application. Who must follow: This law applies to all employers in Pennsylvania, both public and private. All rights reserved. Get Started.

Drexel University School of Education

Candidates must print out the certificate of completion and forward a copy to the Field Placement Office StuTeach drexel. Students completing a field experience in the state of Pennsylvania must complete a criminal background check through the Pennsylvania State Police. There is a fee associated with obtaining a criminal record check.

Drexel University School of Education students completing a field experience in a school in Pennsylvania must apply to receive PA Child Abuse History Clearance before beginning their field experience.

What is a PA Act 153 Clearance?

Students can apply online through the Child Welfare Portal. The record check will let the student know if they are listed in the statewide child abuse database.

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The form should be filled out by the candidate and returned to the Field Placement Office. Additionally, schools may request that student teacher candidates complete and sign the form for their files. Please be sure to use the email subject heading: Clearance Submission and your full name. Additionally, some districts may require proof of a clear Tuberculin skin test.

Drexel students will be notified of any variance s on a case-by-case basis by the Field Placement Office. Per the School of Education's policies, field experiences are not to occur within a school or building in which a teacher candidate's children attend or family members are employed.

Field experiences are broken into four stages, carefully crafted to provide students with the education and skills to operate their own, effective classroom. The stages include:. In Stage I Field Placements, candidates observe classes in a wide variety of schools and school-related settings.

Students serve as active observers assisting classroom teachers and practitioners toward supporting learning of individual students and coordinating classroom activities. In Stage II Field Placements, candidates explore working in small group settings and with one-on-one instructional support of young learners. Candidates learn about school communities and school policy and regulations.

Criminal Clearance Requirements

At Stage III, candidates continue to evolve their teaching skills by teaching in small groups and in whole class settings, under the observation of the classroom teacher. At this more advanced stage, candidates are applying their knowledge from their Drexel University School of Education classes.

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Candidates complete a minimum of hours of teaching in a school.